SGI2020 Community Listening Tour

Over the years, islanders have worked hard to protect our communities and plan for their future.

That hard work sets the stage for action. The surveys, project plans, assessments and interviews produced by dozens of commissions and volunteer committees have been put toward the creation of a discussion paper called the Draft SGI2020 Strategic Plan.

This fall, SGI residents and landowners are invited to join in planning for the future of our island communities, using the SGI2020 paper as a starting point.

This is a community wide call to action. Read the draft and add your voice below.

Read the draft.

Change is happening all around us, all the time.

Happiness lies in our ability to shape the transformation, to confidently envision a future and take the steps to achieve it.

In a community, this calls for courage and teamwork.

To jump-start discussion of a collaborative all-island plan for the future, the Community Economic Sustainability Commission has provided a discussion paper born of the work of dozens of community volunteer groups and commissions, as well as the input of individuals and businesses.

If you’re an islander, please read the SGI2020 paper and think about these questions:

  • Do we need sustainable revenue sources that reduce our reliance on tourism, government grants, and donor dollars?
  • Would more young families be a good addition to our communities?
  • Do we need to fill some gaps in goods and services in order to make the islands more livable year-round?
  • Are our separate island communities ready, willing, and able to work even more closely together in order to get where we need to go?

Add your voice.

Mayne – Agricultural Hall
Contact: Brian Crumblehume

Pender – Community Hall
Contact: Ben McConchie

Saturna – Community Hall
Contact: Priscilla Zimmerman

Galiano – South End Community Hall
Contact: George Harris

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