Imagine the southern gulf islands with a sustainable year-round economy and thriving population energized by more year-round young people and families, all living respectfully in the natural environment and in keeping with the close-knit communities we enjoy. Does that seem possible?

A deep appreciation for our islands doesn’t mean we are blind to the challenges of living here. From the commission meetings to the dinner tables, we’ve all had “those talks”. What should we change? What should we protect? How would it work?

We can answer these questions by working more closely together to set a vision for our future, and creating a plan to get us there.

To jump start a collaborative all-island vision for our future, the Community Economic Sustainability Commission has provided a discussion paper that is born of a review of the work of dozens of community volunteer groups and commissions, as well as the input of individuals and local businesses.

Our Vision

It’s called the draft SGI2020 Strategic Plan, and it’s up to us, the islanders, to try these ideas on and see how they fit. How can we use them in shaping our collective future?

Please, read the draft. Put the dates in your calendar, and think about the main ideas:

  • Do we need sustainable revenue sources that reduce our reliance on tourism,
    government grants, and donor dollars?
  • Would more young families be a good addition to our communities?
  • Do we need to fill some gaps in goods and services in order to make the islands more livable year-round?
  • Can the islands work cooperatively together to achieve more than we can on our

These fundamental questions start us on our way.
How we answer them is up to us.
It’s time to take action, together.

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